About the Alliance

The Care & Support Alliance was set up in July 2009. It is a consortium of over 75 organisations that represent and support older and disabled people, including disabled children, those with long-term conditions and their families, and campaigns to keep adult care funding and reform on the political agenda.

The Case for Change:

  1. The social care system is broken. It cannot cope with a rapidly ageing population and people living longer with illness and disability. Urgent reform and additional funding are essential.
  2. There is a huge public appetite for reform. Families will no longer tolerate a social care system which leaves many with no support and others with poor quality services. The public are angry that they can face huge care charges, and end up losing all their savings or being forced to sell their homes.
  3. The Dilnot recommendations are a practical and fair way forward. They more fairly share the costs of care between individuals and the state, protecting everyone from catastrophic care costs and ensuring that low-income families and younger disabled people are supported.
  4. It’s time to act. Reform now could build a fair and sustainable care system which delivers dignity, independence and peace of mind for older and disabled people and their families. Failure to act would continue a cycle of cuts, neglect and abuse in social care, at great cost to our economy, public services and society.



  1. Bring Carer`s Allowance in line with the Minimum Wage – having recently “retired” to undertake full-time caring i.e. some 110+ hours per week, it seems should I be granted Carer`s Allowance, I may then apply for a top up from Income Support, to give me a total of £98.50 per week. As the Law says I need £67.50 a week to live on, I`ll actually only be paid £31 a week for my caring duties. This equates to just over 28 pence per hour, yet Minimum Wage is currently £6.08 per hour!!!

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