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CSA response to CQC State of Care report 2018

October 11, 2018

In response to the CQC State of Care report, released today, Caroline Abrahams, co-Chair of the Care and Support Alliance and Charity Director at Age UK said:

“It’s really unfair that the care you receive depends so much on where you happen to live and that so many older and disabled people are being forced to go without all the support they need to live safely and decently.”

“The crisis in social care is truly a national problem that requires a national solution. The Government must bring forward a big injection of funding for social care in the Budget, and publish a bold and ambitious Green Paper by the end of the year.”

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Campaign win! Working age adults to be included in social care Green Paper

September 20, 2018

Care Minister Caroline Dinenage MP has confirmed that the social care Green Paper will look at the needs of working age disabled adults, rather than addressing these in a parallel process.

The Care and Support Alliance has been campaigning for this and so we are delighted with this news. Previously, the Government’s position was that the Green Paper would have a focus on older people.

The Minister was speaking at a CSA breakfast event with CEOs from our member organisations. In her speech, the Minister agreed that while the Green Paper would need to come up with proposals for the long term sustainability of the care system, there were significant pressures now.

On the long term funding solution, she talked about the need for some ‘risk pooling’, but stressed that there would be a full consultation on any proposals.

The Minister also set out key areas of focus for the Green Paper. These are:

–           Quality and safety

–           Whole person integrated care

–           Providing people with more control

–           Creating a valued workforce

–           Providing better practical support for families

–           Creating a sustainable funding model

–           Greater sustainability for all, including people who are born with a disability, people who develop a disability in adulthood and older people

The Green Paper is expected to published this year. The CSA has developed ‘7 tests’ for the Green Paper and we’ll be looking to make sure that it meets our tests.

The CSA will also continue to make the case to Government ahead of the budget, that immediate funding to the social care system is urgently needed.

         Caroline Dinenage speaking at the CSA breakfast

Long term funding of adult social care: Co-chair Caroline Abrahams responds to report

June 27, 2018

A joint report on the long-term funding of adult social care, released today by the House of Commons Health and Social Care and Housing, Communities and Local Government Committees, describes the “very great and unsustainable strain,” the social care system is under. The report highlights a substantial funding gap and calls for additional funding to meet future demand, to meet the care needs of everyone, and to improve the quality of care delivered.

Caroline Abrahams, co-Chair of the CSA and Charity Director at Age UK, has responded to the report, saying that:

“This important new report agrees with the growing consensus that our social care system is unable to meet the needs of older people and disabled adults today, let alone the much greater numbers expected to require care in a few years’ time. The big question is, what as a society we are going to do about this and we share the MPs’ conclusion that we need a bold new vision for what good care looks like, plus enough funding to deliver it.”

“Rescuing our current care system and transforming it so it provides good quality care for everyone who needs it will cost billions more and the chances are we will all have to put our hands in our pockets to help raise it. In their report, the MPs suggest that people who are better off should be asked to pay quite a lot more in various ways, including older people themselves. While this may seem like a bitter pill, it just might be one worth swallowing – but only in exchange for a social care system that we can all rely on and have confidence in, should we need it.”

“The Committee’s conclusions were informed by a lot of work with members of the public, who are reported to have strongly supported the idea of social care being free at the point of use like the NHS, if not straight away than gradually over time. Traditionally, this has been viewed by experts as too expensive, but if we are going to need to raise a lot more money to restore social care, it seems sensible to listen to what people say they want and run social care in ways they are prepared to get behind. This is also what’s on offer in Scotland so it’s surely worth looking again at the feasibility as well as the desirability of doing something similar in England.”

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Co-chair Caroline Abrahams responds to postponement of Green Paper on social care

June 19, 2018

Yesterday, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt, announced that the publication of the Government’s Green Paper on social care has been postponed until the autumn. According to Mr Hunt, the Green Paper has been delayed so that it can be released alongside the Government’s plans for the new NHS funding, announced at the weekend.

Caroline Abrahams, co-Chair of the Care and Support Alliance and Charity Director at Age UK has responded to the announcement, saying that:

“The need for lots more investment in social care, coupled with reform, is now so great that any delay in the publication of the Green Paper is deeply regrettable, but frankly we’d rather have an ambitious set of proposals with the funding to match in the autumn than a timid paper that will not make any difference in July.”

“With this delay, the onus is now firmly on the Government to live up to its promises and come up with some game-changing ideas later in the year. The 80+ charities that make up the Care & Support Alliance and the millions of older people, sick and disabled adults and family carers whom we represent will be holding them to account for doing so.”

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ADASS Budget Survey: Co-chair Caroline Abrahams responds

June 12, 2018

Today, the Association for the Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), have released their annual budget survey, highlighting the increasingly fragile state of the social care system.

In response, Caroline Abrahams, Co-chair of the Care and Support Alliance and Charity Director at Age UK, has stated that:

“When council social care bosses – who tend to issue very measured responses – say the situation with social care is bad, you know it’s really bad.”

“Despite the best efforts of councils to protect care for older people, the latest ADASS survey highlights the desperate and growing gap between the needs of pensioners and the help available for them.”

“Unless policy makers are willing to invest in care, hundreds of thousands of people face a bleak future, living without their needs being met. It is a disgrace that there are at least 1.2 million older people and disabled people, who need support with daily essentials like getting dressed, going to the toilet, taking their medication or preparing their food, who are missing out.”

“The upcoming Green Paper on social care must not only come up with ideas for improving what’s on offer, it must also deliver the funding to make it happen. This is not only the right thing to do from a moral perspective, it makes good economic sense too: properly funded, effective care an help keep older people and disabled people with care needs fit and well, in their homes or a care home. It is far cheaper than a spell in hospital, which will often be the only alternative. The Government needs to grasp the nettle of care funding once and for all.”

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