About us

The Care & Support Alliance was set up in July 2009. We represent over 70 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning for a properly funded care system alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care.
What the CSA wants to see


In the short-term, the Government must:


1. Provide immediate and sufficient funding to stabilise the social care system and ensure it does not collapse in the worst affected areas.

Looking to the medium term the Government must bring forward a plan to create a fair, effective and sustainable care system with the following features:

2. Risk must be pooled on a compulsory whole (adult) population basis, funded through taxation.

3. Care should be free at the point of use.

4. There must be an independent, standardised national eligibility threshold and assessment process for social care.

5.  Eligibility should be set at a ‘moderate’ level to enable those in need of community and preventative support to access it; any proposed solution must not tighten eligibility criteria or otherwise reduce access to social care.

6. Any proposed solution must address the care and support needs of working age disabled adults and those with long-term health conditions as well as those of older people.

7. Any proposed solution must ensure increased support for unpaid carers, e.g. increased breaks and core support, including helping carers to juggle work and care and increased Carer’s Allowance and carers’ benefits.