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October 16, 2013


From Friday 18th October, the Care and Support Alliance are asking #WhatDoYouDoWithYours? Do you go to the shops, go to work, see your friends?   We’re asking you to share on Twitter and Facebook what you can do in your life because of social care – to increase awareness of how important it is in enabling people to live independent lives.

Haven’t heard of social care?  It’s the vital support that many disabled people, older people, carers, and those with long term conditions, use every day. Depending on the person’s needs, it can mean help to dress, wash, eat, communicate or get out and about. To find out more about why it’s important, watch Angela, David and Jenny and James’s stories.

The Care Bill, a once-in-a-generation new law, is going through Parliament at the moment, trying to improve social care.  But who can get social care?  The big problem is, under the Government’s current plans hundreds of thousands of older people, disabled people, carers, and those with long term conditions, could be denied any care at all.  Whatever other improvements are made, it won’t help unless the Government makes sure the people who need it are eligible to get care.

The current debate on the Care Bill is wrapping up in the House of Lords within the next two weeks and MPs will likely be discussing it in the House of Commons shortly after. So it’s vital right now that we generate buzz around this issue so social care remains an important topic for MPs.

Please share on Twitter or Facebook your story of what social care enables you to do using the #WhatDoYouDoWithYours hashtag.  Or even if you don’t use social care yourself, please share the hashtag and the link to this page to help spread the word.  Here are some tweets you can use:

Why is #socialcare so important to you? #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

How does your #socialcare help you? #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

Tell Britain why your #socialcare matters to you #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

I use mine in the shower. #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

I use mine in the back of a taxi #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

Some people go to uni with theirs. Some go to the shops. Some pick up the kids. #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

I get dressed, go dancing and eat dinner with mine. #WhatDoYouDoWithYours?

Let’s get people talking about the importance of social care, drawing on common experiences of what’s important in all our lives.