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Want the Government to know what your care means to you? CSA is collecting your stories to share with the new Government.

June 23, 2019

Today, at least 1.4 million are denied the care they need to help them with their illness or condition (that’s more than the population of Birmingham). But those who get good social care describe it as ‘life support’. 

Social care can be the basic help to get you dressed or help with meals, or it can be the support you need to work or live independently.

The Care and Support Alliance, representing over 75 organisations, is calling on the new Government to act now to fund social care properly. 

We are asking all those that need or do get social care to please spare 2 mins to share what social care means to them. 

Others have told us:

“Not getting social care means…being we are trapped.”

“Good social care would mean… us being free. We have become prisoners in our own home because of the cuts.”

Click here and take part before 22nd July:

The Care and Support Alliance is campaigning for the Government to act because it doesn’t have to be this way. The Government can change this now. As a country we can afford to care and we should care. Funding and reform would ensure everyone can get the care they need.