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Update on petition to stop cuts to disabled people’s care

January 8, 2021

At the end of 2020, the CSA supported a petition hosted on by Jo, mother to Darcie who is autistic. Jo’s petition called on the Government to stop the cuts to disabled people’s care, and instead make sure that people got the care they needed, especially during the pandemic.  

A total of 8,148 people signed the petition supporting Jo. In the first lockdown the sudden loss of care had a big impact of Jo’s mental health and on her daughter Darice’s wellbeing. As a volunteer for the Norwich branch of the National Autistic Society Jo could see she was far from alone in struggling to cope without basic care.

Even before the pandemic, 2 in 3 autistic adults didn’t get this crucial basic support, and across England over 1.5 million disabled people, older people and their unpaid carers are living without the care they need. Basic care like help with getting washed, dress and helped with meals. Families are being pushed to break point trying to fill the gaps in the system, which has been made worse by the coronavirus outbreak.

Jo didn’t get the support she needed because her council, like councils up and down the country, just haven’t been given the money by Government to provide these services. This isn’t a luxury, it’s what people’s loved ones need to live a decent life.

Those who signed the petition urge the Government to act as soon to ensure people get the care they need. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the CSA will be working hard throughout 2021 to keep highlighting why more funding and reform is urgently needed.