News Story

Telling the human stories of a care system in crisis

April 10, 2015

Through our work on the Care Act, the CSA has shown that when we work together we can have a powerful influence. CSA members are currently gathering information on how cuts to care budgets over the past few years, as well as the Care Act, are impacting peoples’ lives, and the stories of those who do not receive the care the need.

We want to tell the stories of people who are struggling because they, or the person they care for, are not getting support. Demonstrating the real impact the chronic underfunding of care is having on people’s lives, will be crucial in compelling the next Government to act and invest in a truly preventative system that provides the care people desperately need.

CSA members are already approaching their services, helplines and membership to find people willing to take part. Members can download details of what is needed here: Case study requirements April 2015. Please send in your stories by 22 April if possible.