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Leading organisations call on the Government to invest critically needed funds into social care

November 6, 2015

The Telegraph has today published a letter signed by the Care and Support Alliance the Care Providers Alliance (CPA), Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), Association for Real Change (ARC) and Age UK, calling on the Government to urgently reinvest the £6 billion initially reserved for the cap on care costs, which has now been delayed by the Government.

Failure to invest the funds would not only be a betrayal to those who would have benefited from the care cap, but will also seriously impact thousands of disabled and older people and their carers, who rely on such services to live a good quality of life.

Chair of the Care and Support Alliance, Vicky McDermott, said:

“The care system is in crisis. Extra funding is urgently needed, given the hundreds of thousands of older and disabled people who need support just to do the basics – like getting up or out of the their house.

“In the upcoming Spending Review, the government must ensure that all the money saved by deferring the cap is redirected into reversing the decline in the care system. If this is not announced we would consider this a betrayal of the tens of thousands of people who would have benefitted from the care cap and now face potentially unlimited costs of care.”

Letter published in the Telegraph can be found here: