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CSA response to Labour’s 10 year plan for health and social care

January 27, 2015

The Labour Party has today (27 January) announced its 10 year plan for health and social care in England.

Responding to the proposals, Richard Hawkes, Chair of the Care & Support Alliance, said:

“We welcome all proposals to develop a more joined up and preventative health and care system.

“One in three people have experience of the social care system, and closer integration can make a big difference to the quality of support for those that receive care.

“Integration is an important part of the solution.

“But as more and more of us need care, and fewer and fewer of us get it.  There are many older and disabled people who need support, but get nothing at all because eligibility is set too high.

“An emphasis on good quality care at home is also crucial, but the rationing of care is the number one priority to fix in the health and care system.

“Chronic underfunding has left hundreds of thousands of older and disabled people, who need support to do the basics, like getting up or out of the house, cut out of the care system.

“People become isolated, can’t live on their own and slip into crisis, which inevitably has a knock on effect on the health service that is forced to pick up the pieces. This also has a huge impact on carers, who we know are struggling right now.

“The care crisis won’t be solved unless all those who need care get it. That is the urgent task facing all political parties”