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Care and Support Alliance’s response to Health Committee’s report: Impact of the Spending Review on health and social care

July 19, 2016

The Health Select Committee have today published their report following an inquiry into the impact of the Spending Review on health and social care.

Vicky McDermott, Chair of the Care and Support Alliance, said:

“The chair of the committee Dr Wollaston, MP, says ‘Increasing numbers of people with genuine social care needs are no longer receiving the care they need because of a lack of funding.’

“This is a woeful situation and not only causes great distress for people needing care and their families but it puts unnecessary pressure on the NHS. The evidence is increasing, only last week delayed discharge figures hit record levels (1). Recently the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, said if more money was available then it should go to social care in order to ensure NHS sustainability (2).

“We are also seeing worrying signs that the care market could collapse. The Association of Directors of Adult Social Service’s Budget Survey revealed last week that 80 per cent of directors reported care providers were facing financial difficulties (3).

“Theresa May was right to say that the rhetoric of MPs in Westminster doesn’t always match the reality of people in the country. This has never been more apparent than on the issue of social care

“As part of the Prime Minister’s ‘serious social reform’ – adequate funding for social care needs to be properly addressed. For too long people have been dangerously neglected and stripped of their potential of a meaningful life and their dignity.”



2)  Simon Stevens said at the NHS Confederation Conference in June 2016 : “Times are clearly tight and tough. I do not believe that it would be prudent for us to assume any additional NHS funding over the next several years, not least because I think there is a strong argument that were extra funding to be available, frankly we should be arguing that it should be going to social care. I think social care has a very strong case for that”.


The Care and Support Alliance represents more than 80 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care


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