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Care and Support Alliance responds to reports that the Government will increase the social care precept

December 14, 2016

Reports today suggest that the Government plan to increase the social care precept to 6% over the next year two years, amounting to a total increase of 1%. You can read our response to the reports below.

Vicky McDermott, Chair of the Care and Support Alliance, said:

“Having ignored social care at the Autumn Statement it is a relief that the Government looks set to acknowledged one of the biggest issues facing the country – the crisis in providing care for older and disabled people.

“It is being reported that councils will be given a 6% rise but looking closely it could be as little as an extra 1% each year for the next two years. This could raise a measly £181m extra each year even though approximately £1bn is needed each year just to maintain services every year up to 2020.

“It is claimed that raising the precept would also cause a postcode lottery in care – but unlike a lottery it is predictable who would win from the funding arrangement. Poorer areas, that have less ability to raise funds, will suffer the most and affluent areas that have less need for care will be able to raise more.

“We are concerned for those that rely on care that the Prime Minister has failed to grasp the scale of the problem. This Government urgently look at funding a care system that we all want to see and ensures: there are beds in care homes for people who need it; that home care gives people dignity in their own home; that carers don’t have to work themselves into ill health to care for their family; and that hospitals don’t have to prop up a falling system.