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CSA respond to Labour’s care cost cap story

November 14, 2013

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Richard Hawkes, chair of the Care and Support Alliance, says:

“The social care system is on its knees.

The Government proposals for a care cap are a positive step. But it is becoming clear that a huge number of older and disabled people that need support will not see any of the benefits of the new system – because eligibility will be set too high.

“Eligibility plans to tightly restrict who gets council care could leave more than 340,000 older and disabled people, who need support to do basic tasks, and their families, out of the care system altogether, funding their own support without protection from spiralling costs.

“The real issue is the chronic underfunding of the system; which has forced cash-strapped councils to ration who gets care.
“We want the Government to have the courage to see its bold plans through, and make sure that those who need support to live independently – to get up, get washed, and get dressed, and get out of the house – get council care.”