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Call to Action: Write to Corbyn

November 9, 2015

This is a key moment for social care funding, as we are fast approaching the Government’s Spending Review on November 25th. This is when the Government decides what money to spend where.

To help put pressure on the Government to increase funding for social care, the Care and Support Alliance is working to get a question on social care, asked at Prime Minister’s Questions. This would provide a space where the Government would be forced respond on record about the underfunding of social care.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is asking questions in response to suggestions from the public. So we need as many people as possible to email him to ask about social care. Please fill out the online form and send to 5 other staff in your organisation. You can also send it to friends, family or anyone who might support it.

We are looking at all the ways to secure a PMQ, but are targeting Corbyn as we know that he is guaranteed to be able to ask questions at PMQs. This is not party political.

How to get involved: 

  • Go to: and fill out the online form:
  • Request he asks the Prime Minister about funding for social care – possible questions are below:
  • You work for a disability/older people’s/carers’ charity so you know how important social care is to people’s lives. You have seen how hard people are now struggling with the cuts in social services funding.
  • If you have personal experience – you or your family or friends – of finding it difficult to get the right support.
  • You or a relative or friend have good support and so you know how difficult it would be if that were taken away.
  • You have seen a lot of coverage of the issues of underfunding of care in the media and you think it should be an urgent priority for government to solve the problem.
  • A general ethical statement about the fact you think we should be able to afford to provide good quality support to older and disabled people and carers.

For more information please contact Muna Suleiman on or 0207 923 5723